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Pneumo Flapper — is not fireworks. Inside pneumo flapper is a can of compressed air or carbon dioxide, as well as fillers — confetti metafan, streamers and more. When activated by a pneumatic cracker, compressed air pushes strongly fillers firecrackers to a height of 10 meters, after which metafan and confetti gently lowered down. Pneumo firecrackers different sizes (from 20 cm to 2 meters), form and effects (flies confetti, streamers, metafan, petals, hearts and quasi money), as well as the height emission effects. The greater the length pneumo flapper, the more excipients contained therein, and the greater the height of the filling flies.

Pneumo firecrackers can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Inside the room with low ceilings recommend using pneumo flapper small size — up to 60 cm.

Volleys pneumatic crackers leave no one indifferent. Under a rain of confetti metafan you be filled with festive and upbeat mood. Use pneumo flapper to enhance your emotions in the middle and end of the holiday.

Ideas for use pneumatic crackers:


  • They entered and saw a birthday;
  • At the time of giving gifts;
  • By cutting the cake;
  • After blowing out candles when light- include entrance birthday to the hall where the celebration takes place;
  • Use of pneumatic volleys of firecrackers for decoration dance program.

Ideas for wedding pneumo flapper:

  • Release of the newlyweds registrar;
  • The first dance;
  • Diversify pneumo flapper walk around town and dance program.

Corporate party:

  • The moment of rewarding employees;
  • Ads pm open / closed;
  • Use pneumo flapper during competitions, quizzes, dancing;

Greet volleys of confetti came guests and winners of various competitions. 

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    Clapper Dollars, Bucks. Height 40 cm. Price - 55 UAH
  • Хлопавка - Серця 6901-1838
    Flapper - Heart. Height 40 cm. Price - 65 UAH
  • Flapper - Toy Story 6901-1813
    Flapper - Toy Story. Height 40 cm. Price - 55 UAH
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    Flapper - Winnie the Pooh. Height 40 cm. Price - 55 UAH