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Garland Happy Birthday

Another effective and inexpensive way to decorate the room where you plan to a festive event — paper garlands hang on his birthday and flags, banners or streamers. It is believed that they are suitable mainly for the New Year celebrations, but it is not. Paper garlands Happy Birthday perfectly used for decoration of halls, in which takes place the celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and children's parties.

The Valentine's Day is a great gift dear man — a romantic dinner in a private room, romantic garlands heart for lovers and lighting — laid out in a heart shape small candles and rose petals.

If you are celebrating a triumph indoors or outdoors, to balloons should add festive paper garlands, which will emphasize the importance of the event.

Through original garlands can decorate any room inside and outside, without overpaying for extra decor.

  • Stretching sea of letters "Happy Birthday" 6955-1013
    Stretching sea of letters "Happy Birthday." Price - 45 UAH. Paper garland on children's birthday.
  • Garland Paper "Ladybugs" stretching on the wall 6955-1012
    Garland Paper "Ladybugs". Price - 45 UAH. Paper garland on children's holiday with the letters "Happy Birthday"
  • Garland Happy Birthday Cars 6955-1010
    Garland Happy birthday with cartoon characters Cars. - Price: 75 UAH.
  • Stretching with the letters Congratulations for the holiday. 6956-0001
    Paper garland "Congratulations." Price - 40 UAH. Stretching with the letters "Congratulations" to celebrate.