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Balloons for kids

If you want to spend a holiday for children so that the child was happy, then we have to have everything you need! Of course, every parent wants to see their child happy and smiling, that is why we recommend you to resort to using a proven method of generation — children's holiday decoration balloons!

Air balloons for children are associated primarily with the holiday fun and joy. You yourself remember what you visited emotions in childhood, when you were with a bunch of balloons in their hands. That is why the balloons for the children to buy — a decision that will give your child a sea of ​​positive.

Inflatable balloons for the children to help you organize a celebration!

Wherever the celebration of the birthday child — at home or in a cafe in the open air or in the restaurant, you can be sure that the balloons can easily fit into the interior, and the general scenario of the holiday. Moreover, only a holiday decoration celebration will turn into an unforgettable act by which a child will still remember the best birthday of his life!

  • The number "1" from the balloons 4100-0084
    The number "1" from the balloons. Great gift for the boy, who is one year old. Blue figure with traffic lights and two typewriters wheelbarrows. This composition is made on a special stand, which will not allow it to fall. You can easily put a figure on the floor and on the table. Price composition - 430 UAH.
  • Small balloons - TANYA 8 years 4100-0192
    Purple with white letters interspersed from small balloons - TANYA 8 years. Fixing was performed on extensions and suspensions, so as not to spoil the holes in the house of the customer. The cost of the inscription - 1900 UAH. Installation costs negotiated with the manager alone.
  • Decoration balloons clearing in front of the house. 4100-0216
    Decoration balloons clearing in front of the house. Colorful inscription "Happy Birthday." The letters are on the ground with the help of fasteners and stretch marks. For us it is important to the quality of work and safety of mounting tracks. The cost of the inscription "Happy Birthday" - 2600 UAH. Cost of installation depends on the complexity, time and conditions.
  • Drakulaura Monster High 4100-0495
    Drakulaura Monster High of balloons.

С этим покупают
  • Фольгированные шары с рисунком

  • Гелиевые шары

  • Человечки

  • Фонтаны

  • Стойки

Decoration balloons birthday child's holiday will allow to add special solemnity, brightness and solemnity. If you have already bought a gift to his child, now still need to take care about the right holiday decorations.

Balloons for children obliged to buy every loving parent, because they:

  • bright;
  • positive;
  • a long flying.

In order to achieve a stunning effect of such registration, you should contact the master of his craft, because of their skills depends on how successful will be a holiday with your children.

What are ready to offer you our designers:

  • a variety of balloons for children (foil and latex);
  • fountains, arches and rack of balloons;
  • numbers and inscriptions of the balloons;
  • heroes and famous characters;
  • walking figures;
  • balloons surprises.

Here you will find balloons and a boy and girl. If you run away from the eyes of such a wide range, our managers will be able to help identify and make the most correct choice.