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Balloons for child’s birth

In order to discharge from hospital, we offer the composition for boys in blue and white colors. Usually, customers buy fountains with a combination of latex and foil balloons.

The main central balloon of the composition is a large foil balloon or bubbles. Popular types are toddler, blue nipple or stop, a blue teddy bear with a bottle in the neck, or a stork with congratulations on the birth of a boy, foil balloon in the form of wheelchairs. A perfect complement to such composition is combination of blue, white, purple-colored latex gel balloons or balls with a beautiful print.

  • Balloon Pink bottle «It's A Girl!» 7443-4147
    Balloon Pink bottle «It's A Girl!» Price - 85 UAH. The ball with helium to decorate the room the girls. Bead size - 55 cm.
  • Balloons foot Blue «It's A Boy» to be discharged from the hospital 7443-4148
    Balloons foot Blue «It's A Boy» to be discharged from the hospital. Price - 95 UAH. Bead size - 55 cm. To decorate the meeting a boy and a mother from the hospital.
  • Rattle balloons for girls 7543-4240
    Rattle balloons for girls. Price - 175 UAH. Beautiful balloon with the words "It's a girl!" To decorate the baby's room and the apartment to have a child in the family. Bead size - 90 cm
  • Balloon Blue Bear for the birthday boy 7543-4503
    Balloon Blue Bear for the birthday boy. Price - 215 UAH. The legs holding a heart with the inscription «It`sa Boy». The size of the ball with helium - 75cm.

In order to discharge from the hospital, we offer girls' Quick gifts "in pink and white colors. Composition for the newborn girl consist of balloons in form of pink bear with a bottle and a pacifier, baby foot with congratulations, pink stork, carriage. You can supplement these ones with latex pink, crimson and white balloons.

A good gift for new parents will be a cloud of balloons. You friendly company can run them into the sky. Such gift will cause a lot of positive emotions, which are so necessary in such moments! This is the most vivid and touching gift for mother and newborn child.

You can also order balloon decoration for kid's room. It will be the best congratulation for child and parents.

All 56 foil balloons can look at the Russian version of the website in the «Foil balloons to the hospital»