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Balloon Surprise of balloons!

* When placing an order for a total of more than 1,200 hryvnia you get the ball in Surprise gift ** under the conditions of the action ***. You can also order the right color and the color of the large ball of small balls that are inside. Default within 100 colorful balloons.

At the request of the inside we can add:

  • Balls hearts.
  • In addition, another 50 small balls.
  • Spiral Balls SHDM.
  • Your soft toys. They must not be very large and without tags.
  • Color metafan.
  • Petals, hearts and stars.

Cost festive fillers specify at managers.

White Balloon surprise Lenechka 4 years Transparent Ball surprise with multicolored balls and metafanom White bowl with the inscription surprise Valerie 10 years 

* – the order is considered executed, if the customer has provided all the data - date, time, address, stipulated number of balls and tracks, and made an advance payment or payment.

** –The gift is to be understood for the purchase of 1 hryvnia.

*** – Conditions of participation in the action view there.