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Bouquets of flowers from balloons

Recently, our company for regular customers introduced a system of bonuses and discounts. But what to do if a customer wants to buy balls, but is just beginning to work with us? In such cases, we offer in the amount of the order or composition of the extra balls in the design.
The rest of the bouquets and flowers from balloons can be seen in our gallery

All the action you can find and read on our website or check with our manager.

When ordering from 1000 hryvnia * You have the right to remind our manager, you want to receive a bouquet of balloons as a gift ** and that you have made "conditions of the action." *** As a gift you get a bouquet in which seven bright flowers. Color Balls (flowers) will be left to your choice. Get creative and change the color of the legs and seredinok in flowers. Harmonious and stylish flower bouquets produced in two colors. For example flowers pink, purple or blue, and legs and serediki - white.

* - The order is considered executed, if the customer has provided all the data - date, time, address, stipulated number of balls and tracks, made an advance payment or payment.
** - A gift to be understood for the purchase of 1 hryvnia.

*** - Conditions of participation in the action look here.

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