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Making wedding balloons

We offer wedding table decoration and design of wedding background, make your wedding an unusual and did not like at all, for this is to decorate the room as it was decorated on any wedding! Be individual in his idea and be sure to choose a wedding decoration, beautiful color for the decoration of your wedding and wedding table backgrounds!

Wedding background bride and groom and wedding table decoration in Kiev and Kiev region: Wedding background, backdrop, the background of the bride and groom - everyone calls the decor elements in different ways. But all agree that if the bride and groom sit at her wedding at the table, and behind them is, for example, a bar, it will spoil the memories of the wedding as a picture, and does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Decorating wedding cloth, flowers and pompons

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Decoration of the Presidium Decoration pompons  Wedding arch

Our company offers a variety of decorations, decorating wedding background Young - steel construction, which is located behind the young and decorated with fabrics of different colors and textures, fabric sagged compositions of living and (or) artificial flowers, pompoms, ribbons, beads, LED garlands.

Wedding background has always attached banquet hall of special significance, because it highlights the table against the background of the young banquet tables. Our professional decorators will help you find the right color, tone, floral arrangements and other decorations for the decoration of the wedding background for your young ballroom.

Decorating wedding balloons.

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Decoration balloons Wedding Packages The cost of wedding decorations balloons

At the table you can put young arch of fresh or artificial flowers to hire, it will serve as wedding background newlyweds. Lots of colors, fashionable novelties and trends of the season, different forms for the original wedding table decoration and background offered by World of Beads in Kiev and the Kiev region.

Wedding arch of living or artificial flowers can serve as the perfect backdrop for honeymooners, this creates a beautiful backdrop for photos. Wedding background may be in the form of a rectangular screen: blind or sag, flounces and pelmets, LED festoon any color of your choice, a different texture, color and texture of fabrics, all kinds of decorations, bowls of flowers, hearts, beads, hrustalin and more.

Design approach for manufacturing and decorating wedding background newlyweds always different and never the same. Our main task — to give you an unforgettable beautiful holiday that we create individually for you!!!