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Candles in the cake

Everyone is used to the fact that the birthday without a cake does not happen, because it is the attribute of all causes a storm of positive emotions, especially at birthday! And here it does not matter how many years will the birthday, because, when the room appears birthday cake, the smile on his face will appear spontaneously. But what kind of a birthday cake without candles!? That is why if you really value and cherish man, then you definitely need to buy candles for the cake!

Why candles on a birthday should be in the list of mandatory purchases:

  • thanks to them the cake will be a true holiday decoration;
  • they will be pleased with the birthday;
  • this attribute will help to make a lot of original photos.

Of course, we should not forget about such an important tradition like blowing out birthday candles on the cake. There is something magical about this procedure, because the birthday boy in these moments is to make a wish that will come true. Everyone loves when their wishes come true, and so we need to help this process, and the easiest way — to buy candles for the cake.

  • Candle figure, triple 3, with a smile, in a cake for his birthday 6902-0341
    Candle figure Three (3) with a smile in a cake for his birthday. Price - 22 UAH.
  • Candle number two (2) paraffin cake 6902-0539
    Candle number two (2) paraffin. Price - 22 UAH. Height 7 cm. With white embossed trim. A candle for the cake in the form of two numbers will always help a birthday to remember how old he is
  • Candle cake blue in figure one 6902-1011
    A candle in a cake blue figure 1. The price of 15 UAH. The height of the candle "Blue one number" - 10 cm
  • Candle figure 1, with a smile, in a cake for his birthday 6902-0337
    Candle figure Ones (1) with a smile in a cake for his birthday. Price - 22 UAH.

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  • С Днем Рождения

Colorful, bright and holidays — so you can briefly describe the fact what should be a candle in the cake. A special type of such products — candles on a cake figures. By simple calculation, you can create the value you want from the candles. Birthdays 20 years? Buy two and toe. 16 — six and one candles are waiting for you!

Candles birthday decorate your holiday!

Blow out the candles on the cake — an action that will bring a lot of positive emotions not only a birthday, but also guests, because at this moment can be enough to make some noise and laugh, helping the hero of the occasion. An important point not to be missed in the selection of candles for the cake is their quality. Nobody wants candles were extinguished before they saw the birthday boy? Candles that you buy from us, burn brightly for a long time and bring only positive emotions! All are made from environmentally friendly materials, which are also in combustion give no odor.

We also have to have some eye-popping assortment of options candles in a cake, which just do not leave anyone indifferent — magic candles and the candles that are lit in different colors! Magical candle cake birthday intended for those who have a lot of desire, not one. Blowing out a candle, in a moment it turns on again. Magic, which will bring to life the birthday several of its cherished desires.

You can also buy candles that are lit in red, yellow, green, blue add color to the celebration!