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Angry Birds Paper tableware

Disposable paper tableware for a holiday in the style of Angry Birds.

Paper tableware with colorful drawings and festive greetings theme Angry Birds is available on our website a collection: cardboard cups, disposable plates, napkins, tablecloths and even festive caps whistles for guests birthday. All of this can be purchased in multiples of 6 pieces of the whole collection or separately. Laminated cardboard dishes — great table setting for organizing children's party or birthday in style Angry Birds.

Disposable dishes for the feast Angry Birds already decorate the table and give it a specific thematic focus, as supplemented by cardboard comfortable cups and napkins, turn it into a single element of this design exercise. In our assortment there is even a paper garland Angry Birds. In the holiday home or in nature definitely anyone to wash the usual dishes do not care! A collection of dishes Angry Birds win not only the child, but also quite adult — office - part of the audience. Angry Birds one of its kind raise the spirits and improve your appetite!

Buy paper festive dishes Angry Birds on our website. Paper tableware is delivered in bulk in all cities of Ukraine. In retail you can buy in Kiev in our company store or online store.

  • Caps Paper Angry Birds 6911-0015
    Caps Paper Angry Birds
  • Paper glasses Angry Birds 6911-0013
    Glasses Angry Birds
  • Glasses Paper Angry Birds 6911-0008
    Glasses Paper Angry Birds - 6 pieces, 250ml
  • Red plates Angry Birds 6911-0014
    Red plates Angry Birds with three birdies. Price - 45 UAH. Size 16cm dish. The packaging trays 8

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Prices of goods carnival «Angry Birds»:

  • Tablecloths Polyethylene Angry Birds — 77 UAH (140 cm * 180 cm)
  • Plates laminated paper great Angry Birds — 77 UAH (23 cm)
  • Plates are small Ingres berds — 49 UAH (16 cm)
  • Glasses Paper Angry Birds — 33 UAH (250 ml)
  • Napkins Angry Birds — 64 UAH (20pcs, 33 cm * 33 cm)
  • Caps Angry Birds — 44 UAH
  • The tongue-whistle with a card Angry Birds — 55 UAH (6 pcs)
  • Garland Angry Birds — 85 UAH (1 piece, 180 cm)