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Paper tableware, carnival products and firecrackers

Holiday disposable dishes presented in a wide range on our website and in our shop. It can be ordered with delivery in Kiev and all cities of Ukraine.

A variety of themed collections of disposable tableware, which the company offers, will help make any occasion a bright and light, and the holiday table will look like and festive design.

Our festive disposable tableware useful in organizing corporate parties, youth festivals, children's and street events and festivals with treats, as well as a picnic in honor of special events. Disposable paper tableware is characterized by its environmental safety, is easily processed and do not pollute the environment.

Festive paper tableware is resistant to moisture, since the paper is covered with a thin layer of film. This lamination allows use disposable utensils for all foods and beverages.

Order and buy disposable dishes can be on our site or in the shop. It is very popular and enjoys great demand.

Disposable tableware wholesale — one of the promising directions of trade for our company, we are constantly working on expanding the range and offer new designs of plates, cups, caps and sets.

Disposable dishes combines well with candles for the cake, which we offer in another section of the catalog in our shop. You can pick up the dishes and candles in the same style and in one color.