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Flowers from balloons

Very often there are situations when an urgent need to choose a gift for the girl or woman, but there are no ideas about it. In this case, the best option is to stay at this magnificent form, such as colors of balloons!

Give a flower of the balloons — it's an original way to show how important and dear to you people. And the uniqueness of this gift is that it can give both children and adults, and even more — flowers of the balloons you can give and man! As strange at first glance it may sound, but the way it is!

The flower of the balls to please everyone, because it:

  • festive;
  • bright;
  • gives a positive.
  • bouquet of flowers with delivery to Kiev №1
    The biggest and most popular - "Bouquet in gift" of the 25 white daisies. Such bouquet we ordered for both men and women. The cost of the bouquet - 400 UAH
  • floral, bouquet, smile, girl in red dress, blonde №3
    Bouquet "Smiling Girls" of 11 colors - 380 UAH
  • bouquet, smile, smile, flowers №5
    Basket "Smile" of 11 colorful flowers - 300 UAH. Easy portable composition fit on a desk in the office in any, even the smallest room. The advantage of our colors in that they do not cause allergy and can yield even to pregnant women.
  • Tsvetik, semitsvetik, colorful, flowers №2
    Bouquet in a gift of flowers from 7 - 150 UAH
  • Bouquet, bee, delivery, in Kiev, a bouquet of balloons. №11
    Basket "Bee" is made of 11 multi-colored flowers on a stable base with two charming bees - 450 UAH.
  • glowing flowers, bouquet with glowing balls, cues №8
    Smile Bouquet with glowing balls. The small ball inserted luminous element that may well illuminate two or three days. The number of flowers in a bouquet of 11 to 17 pieces. With more bunch of loses its stability. Price bouquet of 13 flowers with smiley - 450 UAH. Delivery in Kiev and Kiev region is carried out by courier service of our company. We deliver bouquets to-day activities. The anonymous delivery.
  • balls of pink flowers, fuchsia, green legs №15
    Bouquet "Spring" is made in pink and crimson. Bouquet of flower 21 - 485 UAH., 15 flowers - 350 UAH., Of 13 flowers - 300 UAH
  • gift, dog, white, ginger, ear with flowers №9
    Orange handmade dog with flowers - 280 UAH

More bouquets of balloons are available in the Russian version

This exciting combination of qualities has made a bouquet of flowers of the balloons in the best gift that you can give for any occasion. Do not wait for a suitable moment to bring happiness to your dear people, give balloons now. Especially since the flowers of the balloons the same attractive price as well as their appearance!

What holiday is best flowers of the balloons to buy:

  • Birthday;
  • wedding;
  • Valentine's Day;
  • corporate parties;
  • children holidays;
  • March 8.

Want to make a gorgeous gift that will delight the one you love? Then your best bet — colors of the balloons! Kiev — a city in which a lot of beautiful places where you can celebrate any event. Restaurants, cafes, a lot of offices, which are constantly held holiday corporate parties - all these rooms can be decorated with the colors of the balloons, which will necessarily produce the desired effect. Tell our managers what your cause for celebration, and what amount you operate, and they will provide you with the best option.

Our designers can create balloons of small flowers, which will be inexpensive — such gifts are ideal to give to colleagues. Well, for the grand celebrations on the occasion of a wedding or a birthday we can arrange large room flowers of the balloons. Every order is treated individually and we are ready to listen and to implement any of your wildest ideas, because we welcome the originality throughout.