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Glowing balloons in Kiev. Selling LED balloons with helium.

Glowing balls can be considered a unique gift. Gift — which is able to lift the mood and create a festive atmosphere and fill the room with warmth and comfort. Should you buy only once glowing balls to decorate the party, and you can no longer even imagine the fun without the tangle of bright light created from latex.

Sale of luminous balloons with helium in Kiev

What makes these bulbs glow with helium? In each ball to be bright LED, which due to its location uniformly illuminates the entire surface. The LED is powered by a battery, which is more than enough for three days! High–quality latex, which is used to create these luminous balls, does not allow them to burst, or interrupt the joy, an hour blown away during the party.

Sale of luminous balls in Kiev.

Glowing orbs, which you can buy in our store are high quality, cost and manufacturing technology. We basically do not use cheap and glowing balls «free» LEDs. The cost of luminous balls from 15 to 20 UAH. It agree, commensurate with the joy and pleasure that you can get from this feast of light that give glowing helium balloons.

Order glowing balls in Kiev with the delivery, you can by using the features of our site, or by contacting us by phone mentioned above.

Give yourself and your nearest and dearest a true celebration — ordering a new product on the market of festive services — glowing balls. Take a photo with a thousand balls, and each will be lit your face not only the light from the LEDs, but the smile of a true aesthetic pleasure!

The color of the glowing balls can be any of your choice — red, orange, yellow, green, lime (light green), blue, blue, lilac, pink, white and Tiffany.

Multicolored balloons glowing

Glowing balloons of standard size.

Designed to run into the sky.

The only drawback — fly from 4 to 5 hours.

18 UAH
Pearl balloons glowing

Glowing balloons — metallic.

These balls are larger and have a pearl bead structure. What makes glow brighter and more interesting.

The disadvantage, too — flying in the air from 6 to 7 hours.

20 UAH
Pearl balloons glowing with processing High float

Glowing balloons with additional processing Hi-Float.

We picked up a long time manufacturer of balls to get the ball to the LED, which will fly for 2-3 days. We made it.

Such a ball flies and shines about two — three days.

25 UAH
Glowing balloons with stars

Glowing balloons with a pattern.

Order LED balloon for any occasion is very easy just select the balloon with helium from our collection numbers three hundredth and we will do so that it glowed.

For clarification, please contact our managers.

28 UAH
Glowing balloons on the floor

Glowing balloons with air to the floor.

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere at home? — Easily! Buy LED balls with the right color and arrange them in a room on the floor and bed.

Your loved one will appreciate it.

14 UAH
Glowing heart on wedding

Glowing balloons of the wedding.

A great gift to the newlyweds to the wedding — start glowing balls and glowing heart in the night sky.

1250 UAH
Glowing heart of Link-on-link to the wedding

Glowing heart with LEDs

Glowing Heart of balloons for wedding linkolun it weighs much less. Therefore, you will need to run it less helium balloons.

1000 UAH

Price luminous balls depends on the amount you order. The more balls — the lower its value.

More information about the glowing balloons can be found on the Russian version of the site