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Foil balloons - the underwater world

Of course, all parents want to make their children happy every day, especially on birthday holiday! There is an easy option to bring them joy- to give balloons!

Good and colorful balloons cause only the most positive emotions. A joyful smile will illuminate the child's face, because his hands will hold a balloon. Now we will take the lid off, how to surprise your kids.

Children are delighted with the balloons, and they also love the sea!

Everyone saw kid’s reaction at the sight of the sea. The same joy brings them water inhabitants. Funny marine characters certainly will appeal to your child. Foil balloons with images of fishes and other characters will be a pleasant and successful addition to gifts.

  • Foil balloon Dolphin Children's cap 6607-0379
    Foil balloon Dolphin Children's cap. Price - 95 USD
  • Balloon pink shark 6607-0436
    Balloon pink shark. Price - 95 UAH
  • Balloon cartoon - Finding Nemo clown fish 6607-0484
    Balloon cartoon - Finding Nemo clown fish. Price - 95 UAH
  • Air balloons Blue Dolphin 6607-0452
    Air balloons Blue Dolphin. Price - 95 UAH.

There are some balloons in our range:

  • fishes,
  • heroes of popular cartoon "Finding Nemo";
  • Dolphins;
  • friendly sharks;
  • octopus;
  • Penguins.

With these balloons, you can create a lot of original compositions. The structure of such compositions can include only foil balloons, only latex or both. Ready examples of these compositions can be found here.

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