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Balloons for birthday

Hello! Welcome to our web site and this page where you can find birthday balloons for every taste. There are a lot of them. So, there were some cases when customers had some problems with their choice. Let's look together.

What do you need to know before your purchase?

  1. Is it for boy or for girl?
  2. The age. Is he a teenager or an adult?
  3. Budget for the gift. Balloons have different size and it effects on price.
  4. Single balloons or full composition.

Balloon types:

  1. Standard size spheres (18 inches or 40 - 45 cm). There are several types of shapes: circles, stars, and hearts.
  2. Balls with irregular shape: several stars connected together , polygons, sun, a bottle of champagne.
  3. Balloons of the same design but different sizes. With these ones you can combine gift composition - a large balloon on the top and some little underneath.

How usually customers buy balloons:

  1. Bundle (cloud) of latex balloons with a picture and some foil balls with the same pattern.
  2. Quick composition for people, who don’t want to spend his time.
  3. Helium balloons under the ceiling and foil numerals on weights.
  • Star Happy Birthday «Multicolor» 3181-4270
    Star Happy Birthday «Multicolor». Price - 75 UAH. Insanely beautiful star, especially when combined with figures from the same print. Balloon size 43 cm with helium.
  • Blue Star balloon «Happy Birthday» 3181-4423
    Blue Star balloon «Happy Birthday». Price - 75 UAH. Star helium looks great in compositions with a big star with the same pattern. Balloons size 43 cm with helium.
  • Balloons star Happy Birthday «Bright stripes» 3181-4870
    Balloons star Happy Birthday «Bright stripes». Price - 75 UAH. It is used in compositions with a big star complex shapes. Balloons size 43 cm with helium.
  • Balloons Cupcake with a candle "Blue and white stripes» 3441-4018
    Balloons Cupcake with a candle "Blue and white stripes». Price - 85 UAH. Used as a pivot top figure in the compositions. Size 48 cm.

More balloons with happy birthday can be viewed at foil balloons Happy Birthday.