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The Fiksiki of balloons

Animated series «Fiksiki» created by animators for the whole family. Cartoon Fiksiki talks about family, small cool little men who live in a variety of techniques and repair it.

On our site you can buy Fiksiki balloons with helium. Also we can produce a figure for child birth. The body twisted with small balls or SHDM. Height fellows may be different — from 50 sm to 1,5 meters.

Order Fiksiki balls on children's birthday party can be a few variations:

  • A bunch of helium balloons to the ceiling with images Nolika and Simki.
  • Fountains - a small structure with a small weight below. Top foiled rise helium balloon with the image Fixies.
  • Fiksiki balls. Figures and Peoples — Nolik and Simka. For the head we use foil ball, and the body do with latex balloons.
  • Figures birthday. Before we add ordinary digital thematic decoration style Fiksiki.
  • Paper dishes for table pnevmohlopushki, sponges, caps and garlands Fiksiki on the wall.
Fiksiki Nolik shaped balloon cartoon Fiksiki

Head of Nolik balloon Fixies.

The main hero of the popular cartoon. Buy a gift can be a child's birthday. Flying foil ball will delight your child and you will have a lot of free time.

The price of freedom — 145 UAH.

Simka Fiksiki balloon cartoon Fiksiki

Balloon shaped head Simka.

Bowl filled with helium and can fly in the air. In order Fiksiki figure of the protagonist, the ball is filled with air and joins body of orange and yellow balls. Delivery in Kyiv possible at any time.

The cost of helium balloons — 145 UAH.

Two Fiksiki - Nolik and Simka on Happy Birthday

Nolik and Simka together birthday.

Large round ball of foil with photo main Fiksiki. Bowl filled with helium. This baby gift for a birthday or when you go to visit friends.

Cost — 65 UAH.

Multicolored balloons with helium Fiksiki

Balloons with drawings Fiksiki

Colorful balloons with pictures Fiksiki on both sides. The amount of balls - 30 cm or 12 inches. Filled with helium-treatment Hi-Float.

The cost of helium balloons — 16,50 UAH (18,00 UAH).

Order balloons Fiksiki delivery

Multicolored balloons with helium and design Fiksiki.

Big balls on children's birthday party. You can buy the balls individually in our shop. The size of the ball — 35 cm or 14 inches.

Price balloon with helium — 23,00 UAH (24,50 UAH).

Fiksiki balloon birthday child

Balls of Fiksiki in Kiev

Great balls of Fiksiki. Printing is done on the entire globe. Filled with helium, which is tied to the tail colored ribbon. The size of the ball  35 cm or 14 inch.

The cost of the balloon with helium — 23,00 UAH (24,50 UAH).


Figures from balloons Fiksiki

Figure man with balloons Nolik Figurine with balloons Simka The two main characters of the cartoon Fiksiki Nolik and Simka - figures from the foil heads Figure 3 for a child

Also We can buy your paraphernalia with karnavalnuyu figures Fiksiki – plates and cups, caps down, tubes and dudelki. And on the wall for children's holidays, you can hang garlands of merry Fiksiki. The entire collection can be see here.