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Angry Birds

Angry Birds. We have a huge collection of characters of popular online game. There are 5 species of birds and their respective foil circles in our collection. You can buy them for children's party, and for fun in corporate event.

Latex balloons with helium and with the stamp of birds will delight you and your children. Large and cheerful birds will fly over a week from the ceiling moment.

  • Balloon Red Bird Angry Birds UAH 150 6607-1489
    Balloon Red Bird Angry Birds UAH 150
  • Round balloon with a pink bird Angry Birds 6602-1646
    Round balloon with a pink bird Angry Birds - 85 UAH
  • Round helium balloon with a yellow bird Angry Birds - 85 UAH 6602-1643
    Round helium balloon with a yellow bird Angry Birds - 85 UAH
  • Balloon Angry Birds Black bomb 6607-1492
    Balloon Angry Birds Black bomb - 150 UAH

A large black bird Bombs is one of the most formidable. After getting the goal it’s heated and explodes all around causing significant damage. Balloon’s size is 63 cm and it’s filled with helium. The circle with a black bird is 45 cm.

Red bird Red is one of the first bird from the start. It became a graphical symbol of the games and the sound of her tweets always makes a smile. Red bird inflates with helium. Balloon’s dimension is 63cm. A red circle with a bird is 45 cm.

Green pig’s King. He is a boss with a crown on top. Green pig with a malicious smile, always gets ass kicks. But in recent versions of the games you can play on the dark side of the pig. Green Pig King foil balloon fills with helium and tied at the bottom of the ribbon. Balloon’s size is 63cm. Round ball with a pig — 45 cm.

Yellow Bird Chuck has a triangular shaped head. With this head it is able to accelerate and change trajectory. Easily breaks the wooden structures, but ice and metal are beyond him.

Fighting bird pink Stella. Bird’s modesty is not an obstacle. In the game it produces bubbles and attracting rays. It also issues untranslatable common of words using local idioms after each departure from a slingshot. Circle with a pink bird as bright and funny as the others.

You can buy balloons in the form of all birds from the collection of the game in our office or get an address delivery by our company.

More balloons Angry Birds can be found on the Russian version of the site