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The number 8 of balloons

On the eve of the main holiday of spring in front of each man is the main question — what to give his woman on March 8? And sometimes give a correct answer to this question is very difficult, because you need to present was hilarious, original and unforgettable. Attention, option that combines all these qualities!

Balloons on March 8 decorate a memorable spring day

Ornaments from balloons will fit perfectly in a ceremony to mark World Women's Day. Wherever the celebration of March 8 — in the office, restaurant, coffee shop, or at home, we can order the balloons that accurately help you create a fun and unique atmosphere at this celebration.

The most popular choice is the number of balloons 8, because with the help of one such decorations can immediately withdraw the question decorating the hall on Women's Day. In addition, our designers can offer you the most comprehensive list of services that make your women will long remember this holiday.

  • Tulips in a vase festive, with air balloons 6607-1101
    Tulips in a festive vase - 150 UAH
  • Smile Purple Flower 6607-3088
    Smile Purple Flower - 125 UAH (88 * 104 cm)
  • Red Foil number eight 6607-1220
    Red Foil balloon number eight 300 UAH. Size 34 cm * 90 cm
  • Gold number eight, eight 6607-0266
    Eight Golden - 280 UAH (34 cm * 90 cm)

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  • 8 Марта

That we are ready to offer you on March 8:

  • balloons in the form of eight;
  • vivid composition of latex and foil balloons;
  • Bouquets of flowers and balloons;
  • arches, fountains and garlands spring themes;
  • integrated design balloons 8 March.

If you want an original way to congratulate your employees, the office decoration in the Spring style is the most suitable option. Flowers and vases of the balloons, you can quickly arrange their offices. A variety of «eight» perfect occasion to emphasize the celebration. Logically allow complete masterpiece with helium balloons to the ceiling.

Buy eight digits of the balls — your perfect choice!

When making balloons March 8 shops, restaurants and shopping centers, our team uses a composition in the form of colors, numbers, and the arches of balloons from the stalks. Such compositions can be installed in a shop window, and in the trading hall. Log in to your facility can be decorated with garlands of themed balloons, which will be supplemented with spring flowers and decorations 8 March.

Buy decoration of balloons can we have in store or order registration of managers by phone. Sell ​​inflated with helium composition and decorate with balloons in the spring style.

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