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Foil balloon with a picture

Please note that all prices are listed in this section of helium balloons in the inflated state. If no sections prices, they may be specified by phone.
Inflating foil beads (except for some cases) is used only helium. To order the filling of their balloons with helium, you can contact our managers. But usually buy somewhere alone balls and fill them with helium more expensive.

Delivery foil balloons with helium carried out only by our courier service and on cars of our company. With the cost can be found in the section Delivery Balloon.

Flight Time foil balloon with helium in the room is an average of a week to a month. We guarantee flight room foil balls with helium balloons at the moment of transfer of the client or at the time of purchase in our store. Give a guarantee for a month no one can, because not vouch for the correct use of balloons.

Foil balloons inflated with helium for one hour before departure. 5 minutes is enough to understand whether there is a hairline crack or hole in the ball. If there is a factory marriage, the ball for five minutes will be soft and will increase the size of the folds. These balls, our company is changing with the new.

If the foil ball is at rest and is not affected by external factors, while its flight can be more than a month, however, the appearance of the ball over time will not be perfect.

Using foil balloons with helium Outdoors has several features. Since the material from which made the ball heavy enough, then these balls lift is not big and stronger, "shakes" from side to side in the wind. In such cases balloons with helium They should be part of the composition of air, which is fixed permanently.