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Camouflage balloons with helium

Camouflage balloon with helium — an original way to decorate holiday male — 23 February! Everyone knows that no matter how serious the man was not in his heart he always remains a child, but what a child gave us incredible pleasure? Correct — balloons!

On the eve of February 23 in virtually every head of his wife, girls, mothers and just women there thought "What to present his defense counsel?". Here, more than ever time to be born the idea — camouflage balloon with helium! And if you want to really impress your husband, you can order a whole bunch, composition or even bizarre shape of balloons! You can only imagine how many will smile a tank of helium balloons! Believe me, does not matter who your military husband, violinist, athlete, doctor or businessman to every soul will come as a gift to the whole room in balloons.

If you started a party at work in honor of the beloved holiday, then of course you cannot do just a couple of balls Military. Our company is ready to create a true camouflage mini country in your office. The main advantage of our balloons with helium is their quality: you can be sure that all this green, khaki, camouflage beauty air hung hot by the end of the holidays and will only to please their appearance every participant of this bustling action.

Sale helium balloons Military.

Balls military colors (khaki, green, camouflage) — an opportunity we give every man a smile on their lawful celebration on February 23! Do not miss out and you that opportunity, because all you need to do is to order in our store the required number of balls, and to determine in what form to file a "air dish" — in the form of songs, bouquet, shapes, object or decorate their premises. Shipping balloons in Kiev should not scare you if you asked us. We will not force their clients to rush through the cloud of Kyiv balloons pleasant is our concern. The courier service will bring our company at any point of the capital as many balloons. This is to give you and your family the most pleasant emotions and warm this winter!

Camouflage balloons on 23 February.

Camouflage balloons on 23 February.

Big balloons with helium three shades of green with a camouflage color. The beads are filled with helium. With additional treatment can fly up to 2, 3 weeks.Made in –Belgium (Belbal).

Cost balloons with helium 15 UAH

Balloons military Fatherland Defender

Military balloons military Fatherland Defender's Day.

Colorful balloons dark green with a pattern across the military sphere. Each balloons is tied ribbon, which can be used to decorate the room.Made in –Italy (Gemar).

Price balloon with helium 15 UAH

Multi-colored balloons on February 23, and Defender of the Fatherland Day

Multi-colored balloons on February 23

These balloons have a smaller size of 28-30 cm. But even in a small bunch of balloons create the effect of 30-40 «Wow». Balloons fall under the ceiling with curled ribbons.Made in –Belgium (Belbal).

Cost balls 11 UAH

Decorating with balloons for February 23 and Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Decoration office, shop Fatherland Defender's Day.

We sell large composition of the balls, but that does not take up much space. They are fairly easy and they even fragile girl can decorate the room by 23 February.

Price compositions – 255 UAH

Camouflage Star - foil balloons colored military.

Foil balloons colored military.

Balloons foil beautifully combined with conventional latex balloons. And often they are used as a central and important balloons that get the attention.

The cost of a star or circle – 65 UAH

Heart with Ukrainian symbols in yellow and blue colors.

Heart with Ukrainian symbols.

Foil heart of two colors – yellow and blue. Filled with helium. Buy balloons with Ukrainian symbols can be on public holidays in Ukraine.

Price balloons with helium – 65 UAH

Figures of girls of balloons for February 23.

Figures of girls of balloons.

Funny girl made of balloons BFM ,which can be purchased as a gift to the office or to his beloved.

Cost figures girl – 550 UAH

Peoples of military balloons.

Peoples of balloons.

We can make different shapes men, tanks, airplanes or machines of balloons. The height and color can be anything. Often the customer chooses a song you like, or the manager choose the color balloons.


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