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Helium balloons for Halloween

Shocking its holiday decorations scary Halloween, which is so popular in the West, is one of the most favorite holidays and we in Ukraine. Such popularity is easy to explain it, because on this day you can scare your loved ones and even strangers! Agree, sounds tempting!

How to easily create an unforgettable atmosphere for Halloween?

The answer to this question exciting all very simple, and at the same time sensational! Most original and economical solutions — design balloons! The peculiarity of this jewelry is that you can instantly convert almost any place a real abode of «evil forces» Halloween!

Have fun and scare guests with the help of balloons with the image of:

  • skulls and skeletons;
  • spider webs and spiders;
  • Pumpkin Jack;
  • Ghost;
  • masks from the movie "Scream";
  • creepy faces;
  • labels for the holiday.
  • Halloween decoration of restaurants, balloons, cues, composition Halloween 6503-1451
    Glossy black balloons with funny muzzles. White printing muzzles made quality silk screen printing on both sides. Basic composition decoration Furniture and Appliances for Halloween. The cost of the fountain of the seven balloons - 95 UAH. For a long flight balloons processed more liquid Hi-Float. In processing, the price of the composition will increase by 10 UAH.
  • Spiders, black balloons with spiders, halloween, decoration, helium, Kiev 6503-0772
    Black balloons with gorgeous fluffy spider. By terrible childhood taught through balls. Spiders on the balls to Helloiuina will go well with small spiders and fake cobwebs. The price of the black balloons with spiders - 15 UAH per balloon with helium.
  • orange balls, pumpkin, interior decoration, cues, balloons buy 6503-1347
    Orange balloons with helium and printing fun Halloween pumpkin. Big colorful balloons fill the interior colors and add a terribly good mood. Breathing helium can be sent within 12 hours. Price orange balloons with helium - 15 UAH
  • Balloons, pumpkin, halloween, black balloons with helium, kiev to buy 6503-0767
    Black balloons with seal faces Halloween. Pumpkin Balloons, size 35 cm. Inflates helium. The ribbon to the balloons can be black or orange. Price - 15 UAH / ball. You can buy the balloons in our store or delivered in Kiev.

С этим покупают
  • Украшение шарами на Хэллоуин

  • Фольгированные шары на Хэллоуин

The bold and original scripts of your holiday you can implement using balloons. From personal experience we can safely say that the more originality in the scenery, the greater the success of the holiday. With ready-made examples of original Halloween holiday decorations, created by our designer, you can find here.

Luxurious gift and adults and children!

No matter how terrible were the pictures on these balloons, we can confidently say that the gift will appeal to all! This bold statement is supported by the facts, and you yourself have seen many times joyful reactions man who just gave balloons.

The secret to the popularity of balloons that they:

  • holidays;
  • bright;
  • long fly;
  • turn adults in childhood.

Of course, traditional holidays is Halloween orange and black, just because latex balloons in this section and are made in the following colors. Composition of black and orange balloons, which show Halloween’s pictures — bold and unique gift!

Double the stunning effect of the gift on Halloween can also foiled balloons that you can see here.