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Air Balloons in Kiev

Hello! Due to the unstable situation in Ukraine around helium gas, now not all balloon prices are relevant. The exact cost of the balloons ask the managers of the company.

p.s. in other words → some prices on the site are not relevant.

Have a good day. Welcome to our website «World Balloons». Here you can choose and buy the balloons with helium and order execution holiday balloons.

But now the Ukrainian version of the site is filled and not all positions you can find. For convenience, go to a Russian version by clicking here.

In our store you can buy goods for a holiday. You can order balloons, paper tableware and decoration accessories for birthday and wedding.

We remind you that our shop is located in new building. You could order and pick up balloons at Ivana Fedorova str. 9, earlier not far from the subway Olympijska station.

Now our big store can be reached at the following address - Ivana Mazepy str, 6-B ( don't confuse with Lavrska str). Balloon shop is presented in 200 meters from the subway Arsenalna station.

We deliver all our goods, but often customers buy balloons by their self. Our visitors like to come and choose them. To feel, to communicate with managers and see how they are inflated. Often happens that parents come with their children, who help us and rejoice in every inflated ball. Anyway, balloons are often bought just for children, and they have all rights to choose which balloons will be delivered for their birthday - foil Princess or machines, paper garlands and candles.

Balloons to be discharged from the hospital. Order balloons to the hospital in Kiev Birthday gifts Paper tableware, Flapper, Candles, Paper letter
Ballons to the maternity hospital Quick compositions Carnival Attributes

24 hours balloon delivery

with helium or with air in Kiev. We twist balloon flowers and huge bouquets, balloon men and other shapes. We can also deliver gifts with anonymous congratulations. You can come to our shop and choose the color, shape and size. It's great, if you know in advance what the balloons will be presented for birthday. If you don't want to arrive, you can make a payment over the Internet. In case of pickup You can get a discount on goods. But if you don’t like to wait for your order and waste some time, you can make a pre-pay.

Balloons Birthday Buy balloons in Kiev bouquets of balloons delivery
Birthaday Helium balloons Balloon flovers

Helium balloons

It’s useful to know! Typical helium balloons flying in the air no more than 10 hours. But external factors have a huge influence on them. We can increase the flight of balloons sometimes up to a month. It's enough to use liquid Hi-Float. The cost of processing each ball is 1.50 UAH. If you count the cost of the time of balloon flight without treatment, you get 1 UAH / hour flight. And one hour cost of balloon flight with the treatment - from 5 to 16 cents. Some caveat about competitors. When you order balloons the same size, you can get smaller ones. It’s kind of balloons, but a little smaller. Accordingly, the flight terms and emotion level will be less. We use balloon tape length 1,0-1,3m. It's free. For our flats with low ceilings it’s more than enough.

Balloons in the birth of a child Balloons with LED figures, men, boy, girl made of balloons
Birth of a child Glowing balloons Balloon figures

There is no complete holiday without balloons. They bring solemnity and emphasize for your mood. Balloons help to hide flaws of areas and serve as a decoration at wedding and birthday. They will help you to arrange not so expensive wedding hall the same colors as interior or the bride's dress. We can make stylized decoration for any subject on children's holiday. Kids like cartoons. So balloons with new characters will make the brightest party for them,. Figures, captions and congratulation balloon letters will be a great memory on your party photos . And your smile will appear every time you browse your pages in social networks.

Birthday child balloons at children's birthday balloons birthday gift to man
Kids party Fountain Pillars

Ballon decorations

The assortment of "Mir sharikov" company is incredibly large. Sometimes you start to think for a long time what to choose and order. We can decorate not only birthdays and weddings. You can order balloon garlands for shops and malls opening. Huge balloons will allocate your company from many competitors in the exhibition. Corporate logos on them will be remembered for potential customers, and will help them to find you again. Our people’s mentality provides thoughts, if there are a lot of balloons, they can get some goods there. Many of them rush to be first. Tell our managers about your event and expected targets and they will help you to implement your idea.

Decoration balloons wedding Foil balloons - circles, stars, hearts, month, zigzag, cube, SpongeBob Animals, cars, princesses, heroes of cartoons Buy firecrackers in Kiev
Wedding decoration Foil balloons Flappers

How can we help you:

  • Balloon delivery for a birthday, anniversary or to the hospital for meeting mom with a toddler.
  • Decoration of the stores, salons, malls or office opening ceremonies.
  • Wedding arrange - natural and artificial flowers, balloons. Wedding decorations for a rent.
  • Stand design and venue for the exhibition. Huge balloons with logo.
  • Gift delivery and birthday congratulations.
  • Balloon print with company’s logo or personal inscription. Further filling balloons with air or helium on a stick or with a ribbon.
  • Balloon launching into the sky and discharge from the ceiling. All the balls fly out of the grid in a moment.
  • Balloon figures of cartoons characters, which will be great present for your children.
  • Carnival paraphernalia on holiday - paper tableware, garlands, candles and flappers.

Watch photos of our works. There are many of them in any catalog. You find will everything you wish.

Helium balloons for the wedding decorate the shop balloons Balloons with the company logo. Printing on balloons
Wedding Store opening Promotions

If you want to order helium balloons in Kiev, you just need to select something you wish in catalog “helium balloons" and call on any telephone number of our company. Sometimes,our clients come to us and choose the color and size of balloons. Sometimes the order can be totally changed. Managers have to check you address and the recipient's delivery time. When the balloons are ready, courier will deliver your order according to the time range. Most of the compositions we try to make in the store, so you get the finished design and quick holiday decoration. Decoration volumes are different. Sometimes it takes several days.

Balloons on corporate Printing on balloons Kiev Delivery of balloons in Kiev
Corporate events Balloon print Balloon delivery

Why balloons in Kiev are booking with us!

  • We use high-quality and expensive balloons. For many years of our work, we have tried a lot and came to the conclusion that cheap balls give cheap decoration.
  • Guarantees of our works. Many people know that we rarely do balloon decoration on the spot. It takes some time from producing to deliver . So it’s a great test for balloons. If they are not blown away, it will please long.
  • The higher level of works. Our designers are well-trained and learn new things while working with balloons
  • Balloon delivery by own courier service.
  • Large assortment of latex balloons, foil and goods for the holiday.
  • Discounts, gifts and bonuses for customers.
The price of helium balloons Payment for balloons Phone companies balloons
Price Payment Contacts

And finally - our customers should remember!

  • Helium balloons with standard size, fly in the air up to 10 hours.
  • If you once got balloons and they were under the ceiling more than 2 days - they were treated liquid Hi-Float.
  • The cost price of the treated balloons is much smaller than of the simple ones.
  • Balloons with air can not be blown over a month. But they can’t fly in the air, even if they are tied ribbon.
  • By the colored balls we tie colored ribbons. But you can order any color you want.
  • Speak the truth to our manager - if you have a holiday on Tuesday, no need to order the balls on a Friday or Saturday. We'll bring them at the right time.