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Terms discounts and gifts on balls

Welcome to our site!

Glad you chose us! Our team is constantly improving their skills, and managers are looking for new solutions to complex problems. Company "World Sharikov" expanding, and with it the proposed range balls, ornaments and options for the holidays.

The new 2019 promises to be even more intense and creative. But the current economic situation makes you wonder what to do with the prices of the ball. So far, we have not increased the cost of services and we use every opportunity to support the balance of money.

But now need your help. For further development of our company and services at the appropriate level, ask you about cooperation. It just takes a few minutes.

To get the discount, do the following:

1. Join our group on Facebook и Вконтакте and make a repost.

2. Place the rail on our pages and leave a comment:

And we spend on social networks drawing of discounts and prizes, and quizzes. We inform the news of the action.

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